Photo Chasing 12/20/16

December 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

When I started this photography endeavor I told myself that I wanted it to be something that I enjoy- and I have.

There has been much to learn: exposure, exposure composition, autofocus modes, aperture, shutter speeds, ISO.

There has been many technical aspects related to my lens, cameras and speed lights. And there has been and still is a

lot to learn about digital photo editing. I took it step by step, kept practicing and learning and just trusted that I would get better as time passed- I did get better. Today I almost did something inelegant, and I almost did it twice. Someone 

reported that they had seen a short-eared owl. This is an owl that I have been wanting to see very much. It would require drive time, search time and photo time, in all- about three to four hours. I was tired and thought about going-twice.

The more I thought about it, I decided that it wasn't the right choice. I have a better plan to wake in the morning and go when I'm not tired, when the light is better, and when I can take my time and enjoy everything about it: the drive, the looking and hopefully the photographing.



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