Snowshoe Hare Nov. 22, 2020

November 26, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

I saw photos of snowshoe hares, but had never seen one. I wanted to photograph one in the winter, when it's fur is white. I pictured a scene where the snowshoe hare would be sitting in an open area that was covered in snow. It would be difficult to do.

I would have to drive over three hours to a large desolate area in northern Minnesota with no guarantee of finding the hare. At the end of November, I drove to the area. When I got there, I relaxed and walked slowly, quietly in the woods at different areas looking for the hares. I had been looking for two hours before I saw a snowshoe hare. Shortly after I spotted it, it ran away-lost in the branches and bushes. I waited quietly, walked around until I saw it again. This time it sat on the ground partially obscured by branches. We looked at each other, as I got down low and aimed the lens through the branches at its eye. I liked the photo because the eye was sharp and there was detail in the fur. I used manual mode and overexposed one stop since it was a large light colored object. 

Someday I will return and try to get a photo without so many branches around the hare.


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