Common Merganser 9/08/20

September 12, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

It was cold- in the 30's (F) and very windy- when I went to the shore of Lake Superior to look for buff-breasted sandpipers. After I arrived and scanned the area with no luck, I decided to take photos of the Common Mergansers swimming close to shore. It was shortly after sunrise and the birds would be front lit with low light. I planned to hide behind a log, and use it as a tripod for my 600 mm lens. I returned to my vehicle, got my gear and set everything up as planned. The birds swam away, but after I settled into my spot; they returned. They were so close that it was difficult to find them in the viewfinder and get focused with only the log for a tripod. I did manage to get a few good photos.


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