Bolsa Chica California 12/16/16

December 15, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I took a trip to Bolsa Chica wetlands near Huntington Beach, Ca. - a place where many birds winter. I saw a lot of shorebirds, raptors, waterfowl, and some small birds.  I found it to be a great place for flight photography since there are walking paths on cliffs overlooking large, open areas of water. Some of the birds that I saw: Burrowing owl, Anna's and Allen's hummingbirds, Calif. Towhee, Say's Phoebe, Peregrine Falcon, Cooper's hawk, Brown Pelican, Great Egret, Am. Kestrel. Am. Bittern, Surf Scoter, White-winged Scoter, Shearwaters, Willet, Black Turnstone, Long-billed Curlews, Red-throated loons, Western grebes, Northern Pintails, and many Gulls.

I stayed in Long Beach, rented a car, as drove south as far as Dana Pt. stopping at various points along the coast to photograph birds, piers, waves and the rocky coast. It felt so good to be outdoors hiking in the 60 degree temps.



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