Northern Shrike 11/16/16

November 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Today was the first time that I've seen a Northern Shrike in Minnesota. I've been hearing of sightings for the past month, and 

have been hiking and driving looking for one, but have not seen one until today when I went for a walk at the Woodlake Nature Center in Minneapolis.  I wasn't even thinking about a Norther Shrike; I was looking for owls. On a trail, on a tree branch about

thirty feet ahead of me, I saw a bird. I raised my lens, looked, and saw a Northern Shrike! I was able to get five shots; the lighting wasn't the best, the bird was somewhat backlit and in the shade. I was able to make adjustments to the exposure, highlights, and shadows post-production and  finally had a good photo of the bird. Not great, but good.




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