Photo Walk 10/25/16

October 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It was 39 degrees F today (Oct. 25, 2016) when I went for a hike. Someone reported that they had seen a Northern Shrike bird at a park which is an hour from where I live. I wanted to get a photo of this bird, but really didn't think that I would see anything at this park; however, I knew that I would have zero chance of seeing it if I stayed home. I found the park and started my hike. I scared two white-tailed deer from their resting place. I noticed that the trees were  bare, most of the leaves had fallen, and I noticed how quiet the woods were; most of the birds had left. The Northern Shrikes migrate down from Canada and some winter in Minnesota. I hiked for an hour and did not find the bird. I left and went to the Woodlake Nature Center in Minneapolis. Again, the woods were quiet. The day before I had seen Ruby-crowned Kinglets here. As I was leaving I heard the soft sounds of kinglets. I got some nice shots of a Golden-crowned Kinglet - it is such a sweet little bird. When I got home I looked at the Minnesota Birding site on Facebook. I saw a photo of a Northern Shrike that someone had posted earlier in the day- at a place fifteen minutes from where I live! The chase continues.



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