Bighorn Sheep January 2019

January 29, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

I read that there were bighorn sheep in the Topcock George near Lake Havasu City, Az. I looked at the map, located the gorge, and decided to hike there on a trip to Arizona in January, 2019.

I followed the directions on google maps. I was driving in the fast, left lane with cars behind me, when I was instructed to turn left where there was no road- I couldn't do it. It seems as if I'm always trying to do the impossible.

Instead I went to a place in the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge where I saw nothing. Later, as I drove back to Lake Havasu City, I noticed that the turn off to Topcock Gorge was just an ATV  trail. I talked to some people who told me that they knew of no hiking trails in the gorge.

Two days later, I was at the marina on Lake Mead where I talked to a game warden, and asked him where I could go hiking or driving to see a bighorn sheep.He told me that they came down to the Boulder city, Nevada to eat grass. Jackpot!

At the park, I saw about twenty sheep. They were not skittish; they were waking around, eating grass, resting. I heard a young boy say, " They are enjoying life".I used a 400mm lens to get photos of the sheep that were better than I had imagined. It was a magic moment when I used my lens to look into the eyes of a bighorn sheep.


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