Safety First 6/23/15

June 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Ever since I have seen a photo a cerulean warbler, I wanted to see one. I finally saw the bird this week at Miesville Ravine Park. I was unable to get a good photo, so I went back. It was very early in the morning about 6 AM when I drove into the ravine and noticed some birds on a pile of brush across the road. I stopped and set up my rig. I was standing there looking when I heard something breathing in the trees along the road next to my car. It was that close. I heard low grunts and breathing. Why didn't it run away? Listening to this was spooking me, so I left.  I went to Miesville Ravine Park-just a small place deep in the woods, where there is no cell phone service. I parked and walked along a trail to look for the cerulean warbler and was unable to find it. I heard a car stop. I was spooked again. Who was coming here at 6AM? A fisherman?  I walked back to my car,

got in and drove across the road to another parking area. I saw an old beat up Honda with a man slinked down behind the steering wheel. He wasn't getting out to go fishing. Was he a field worker killing time before work? Safety first, and I definitely did not feel safe here. I will have to look for the cerulean warbler in another place. The next day I went to Shaar's bluff, where I feel very safe and photographed an Orchard oriole.




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