Western Grebes 6/13/16

June 13, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It wasn't by accident that I was able to see Western Grebes with newborn chicks on their backs. I thought about this for a year- in winter months I would dream about going to Lake Osakis to see these Western Grebe babies. I really had no idea what time of the summer the chicks would hatch. I guessed somewhere around the middle of June. A group of us arranged to go to Lake Osakis and rented a pontoon on June 12,2016.  At first, we didn't see the grebes with babies, then we went into some reedy areas and saw a number of females with babies. It was so amazing to see this- their little heads peeking out of the wing feathers. I took the time to make this happen and will always remember it.



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