Pam Walz Creative Photography | Jeweled Shooting Star. 5/3/16

Jeweled Shooting Star. 5/3/16

May 03, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I was so happy to have found the jeweled shooting star At Perrot State Park, Trempleau Wisconsin. It was in perfect bloom. I took my time taking photos of it, using my macro lens, and my speedlite. I got many good photos of it. 

I was so disappointed that I could not use my 600mm lens on a boat. It was not that windy, yet I just couldn't get enough stability to get a good shot. I was looking at dancing Western Grebes and was missing a good shot of a very beautiful courtship display. I got some shots with my 

100-400mm lens, but I'm not happy with them. Until a get a 300mm f2.8 (smaller, lighter- easier to handhold), I will have to forget about getting

good photos from a boat, unless it's absolutely calm.  Will keep learning.




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