Florida 3/21/16

March 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

This past week I went to St. Petersburg/Tampa to photograph birds. The first morning- up early and still tired, I was driving to Bradenton Beach

when I saw a roadblock and a highway worker. I stopped. He told me, " The bridge is closed to Bradenton because of the fog. You have to go back to Tampa and take Interstate 4 East." This was a 40 mile detour in the fog and dark. I did not relax until I got to Bradenton. Once there, I enjoyed taking photos of the Royal terns on the beach.

My favorite place for bird photography was Fort de Soto State Park. I saw such a beautiful tern with a light pink breast (breeding plumage) and 

soft gray feathers. I marveled at the beauty of the world.

The last day at Fort de Soto , I was presented with a gift- the sighting of about ten American Avocets. They also had their breeding plumage.

I watched them for so long through the viewfinder, keeping my finger on the shutter button that my arm was sore. My favorite was that of a Ibis

catching a worm- I was surprised to see that I had captured  a photo of the worm suspended in it's open beak. Photography really does capture moments. I wonder what I will see this week in Minnesota.



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