February 5, 2016

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On February 1st I went to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas to take bird photos. I was not disappointed- I saw so many birds and animals that I'd

never seen before: armadillos, javelinas, chachalacas, fulvous whistling ducks, and others.

I had never seen a black-crested titmouse, so when I saw one, I rushed to get a photo and my tripod hit an overhead branch which broke apart the off-shoe flash cord. I tried to find a replacement in the nearest large city- McAllen, Texas and had no luck. For the next seven days, I had to 

take photos without the flash, and I missed many good shots when the birds were in the shade. 

Early this morning the mist was rising off a body of water that I was walking near. Ahead of me, I saw a coyote; as he turned his head to look back, I got the shot of the day. After trying for four days and I finally got a good shot of the black-crested titmouse. 



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