Chukar September 2018

September 07, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I had never known that a Chukar existed until I saw a photo of one. It was a beautiful photo. I wanted to find that bird and photograph it. I planned a trip to Salt Lake City, Utah and noted that Chukars were reported on Antelope Island- north of Salt Lake City. I went to the visitor center on the island and asked about the bird. The woman at the desk told me, "They don't like people; they are only around in the early morning or late afternoon." I left and came back in the early morning, just after sunrise. I stopped at the visitor center, got out of my car and heard the chukars!  I walked in the direction of the sound. When the chukars heard me, they flushed up onto the rocks. I was able to get many photos of the birds front- lit with the soft, morning light. It felt so good to find a bird that I was looking for and to get a good photo of it.


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